We are helping customers meet their footprint goals by offering more green products and better managing our supply chains. By working with our customers and suppliers we are decreasing the impact of transportation, reducing waste, and increasing our use of sustainable alternatives.

With CCL’s Supply Chain Management Service we are able to help companies plan their orders to better manage their portfolio. Our supply chain model emphasizes agility and speed to market, while reducing working capital. Through predictive forecasting and responsive production we are able to drive down lead times, and help lower inventory and material costs. The increased efficiency has the added benefit of reducing waste and unnecessary production, lowering the effects on the environment.

To support our drive in supply chain innovation, CCL has globally developed and is continuing to expand Near Site Distribution Centers. They are located within minutes of our customers’ manufacturing sites, and support inventory from multiple CCL sites. With the uncertainties inherent to manufacturing, our Near Site Distribution Centers have saved our customers countless hours of potential downtime and waste, while reducing the carbon footprint through reduced transportation.

Another unique feature to CCL’s supply chain model is our use of reusable packaging in the form of plastic pallets and boxes which are direct replacements to both wood and corrugate packaging. Not only are these pallets reusable, they also reduce overall transportation costs and the carbon footprint due to their ability to be vertically stacked; three trucks become one. 

CCL works with its customers and suppliers to customize the supply chain model to help achieve sustainability goals. For example, CCL assists customers with recycled content supply chain programs, by collecting waste liners from labels and returning them for reprocessing and reuse.

Like our customers, CCL is committed to sustainability efforts as well as quality at the highest levels. The above examples are but a few of the positive impacts we have had in partnering for sustainability, and we will continue to do so as we expand utilization across our business.