At the core of our business's success is the hard work of 20,000 dedicated and talented employees worldwide. At CCL we realize that our employees are our most valuable resources and investing in our human capital is critical to long-term growth. A key part of our approach to sustainability and social responsibility is working with employees and community partners to be excellent corporate citizens. By taking care of our employees and investing in community-based causes, CCL is able to be a catalyst for positive change.

As a global company, we want to support the communities we operate in and understand that each country and each community has different needs. By encouraging each CCL location to participate in the ways that best serve their constituents, we are able to be a global company that is responsive at a local level. Some of the many organizations we support are schools, non-profits, chambers of commerce and local charities.

CCL is committed to higher education, and we believe in investing in tomorrow’s leaders today. CCL’s Gordon S. Lang Scholarship Program originated in 2000 to honour CCL’s founder, Mr. Gordon S. Lang. The program is designed to reward the leadership and excellence of the children of our employees around the world by assisting them in reaching their educational goals. Each year CCL’s Scholarship Program provides five scholarships worldwide. Since the inception of the plan, CCL has provided over 76 scholarships, awarding more than $650,000 in scholarships.

CCL also believes strongly in its workforce wellness. Not only is safety of our employees of paramount importance, we care about their fair treatment and personal wellbeing. CCL has a Global Business Ethics Guide which deals with human rights, compensation and the workplace environment. Worldwide, CCL is committed to equity in the workplace and to providing its employees with a workplace that is free from all forms of harassment, discrimination, drugs and/or violence. CCL maintains an independent and confidential Ethics Hotline for employees to report ethics concerns, and an Employee Assistance Program which provides advice and support on a variety of personal problems our employees may have outside of the workplace.

And finally, CCL operates in many countries around the world, including emerging markets. Our employees are treated with the same respect and care, no matter the jurisdiction. CCL strictly prohibits forced labour, and we do not employ children – anyone under the age of 15. However, we do comply with the local laws, when the law is more restrictive.