Climate change and depletion of resources will affect us all if we are not working collaboratively towards a more sustainable future. Environmental protection has long been a part of our strategic plan but we have increased our focus on key ecological factors while building a vision for our future.

We have already made improvements in our use of natural resources, but we strive to do more. CCL is utilizing capital investment, process improvement and supply chain management to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of the projects and initiatives undertaken over the years within our worldwide operations include:

  • CCL Label Holzkirchen, Germany introduced an environmental management system that conforms to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 regulations. Its thermal post-combustion system was reconstructed and its exhaust air system optimized
  • CCL Label Moussy-le-Neuf, France is Imprim’Vert certified, a certification awarded in the printing industry for minimizing impacts on the environment through reducing the use of energy in the production process, eliminating the use of products with toxic ingredients, and by having an efficient, documented and legally conforming waste management process
  • CCL Container’s greenfield facility in Guanajuato, Mexico was constructed using a closed loop recycling system that cleans and reuses water used in our manufacturing process, thus investing in a sustainable future
  • CCL Label’s facility in Raleigh, North Carolina was built with roof-top solar panels, so that the plant operates using clean energy, while generating minimal emissions. There are also charging stations on site for electric cars which can be used by employees and visitors
The following is a small list of other things that CCL is doing to achieve our sustainability goals:

  • CCL has undertaken a Full Carbon Disclosure Program for its North American Operations
  • CCL participates in third party sustainability websites like
  • CCL has started a program to record energy and water consumption at all plants along with the amount of waste disposal
  • CCL has full disclosure on its paper sources, and monitors the amounts from fully responsible sources
  • CCL has developed its own LED industrial lighting fixture line, which provides the same lighting levels using 80% less energy
  • CCL has greatly reduced its water consumption for cleanup processes; 99% of water-based inks have now been replaced by solid UV cure inks, and we have invested in waterless and solventless Flexo platemaking equipment worldwide to replace water wash Flexo and letter press plates